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Golf Injury Prevention

(Submited by: Mike Pedersen )

A golf injury is one of the most common issues with all amateur golfers. But having adequate strength and flexibility of muscles and joints and participating in effective training technique, can also prevent a golf injury.Well-conditioned ... Read article

Taking A Golf Lesson Isnt Always The Answer

(Submited by: Mike Pedersen )

Golfers will do anything they can in hopes to play better golf and hit the LONG ball. Am I right? Are you in this category? If so, Im quite confident to say youve taken a golf lesson or two. Golf lessons can be very effective in getting you ... Read article

What A Good Golf Workout Program Should Have

(Submited by: Mike Pedersen )

Golf workout programwith the exploding number of so-called golf experts these days it becomes very confusing and it is easy for a golfer to be misled and end up in a program that will hardly have the desired objective of improving their game ... Read article

Who Invented The Game Of Golf?

(Submited by: David Humphrey )

Well, who actually did invent the game of Golf? The question has been asked and argued for many years with no true winner. Many countries have a valid claim to an early game that resembles the game of golf. Some of the countries that make this ... Read article

Golf Information Overload?

(Submited by: Craig Sigl )

Youve come home from work dead tired. You grab the mail on your way in and notice your new copy of your favorite golfing magazine is in the pile. It puts a slight smile on your face as a picture of you on a couch with an adult beverage suddenly ... Read article

Golf Swing Exercises Can Add Power Quickly

(Submited by: Mike Pedersen )

Golf swing exercises are the missing link to adding tremendous power to your golf swing quickly. To be able to execute an effective golf swing exercises will enhance your bodies abilitiy to move throughout the required ranges ... Read article

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