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AUCTION TIP: A Basic eBay Listing Template
by: Chuck Smith
The following article pertains to anyone who is looking to
start an online auction business on eBay. Please feel free
to use it for your ezine, web site, or any other electronic
or print publication, with the following exception:

You may NOT use this article in any form of spam.

I only ask that you:

1. do not add or delete anything from the article
2. include the resource box at the end
3. notify me ( you are using it


A good auction listing must not only read well, but
must look professional. Here’s a quick, easy template
anyone to make their listing more professional

Word count according to Microsoft Word: 728 including
title, byline, and contact info.


(c) Copyright 2003, Chuck Smith. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

About the Author

Chuck Smith is the creator of the Auction Rookie web site. This site is dedicated to helping people start and run a successful online auction business. Visit his site to get a free report on “How to Get Started Selling on eBay.” or


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