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Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cars Explained

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Hybrid cars are one of the most sought after vehicles nowadays, particularly with the growing market concern over the environment and fears of the continuing oil price hikes. People are opting to buy hybrid cars because they do not want to always fall pray to pricing pressures, and because more information is being disseminated over the dangers of fuel-induced pollutants to the surroundings.

However, while hybrid cars are jam packed with all the merits that might instantly bowl the discerning consumer over, it is not without its share of faults and disadvantages. Of course, as with anything in this world, hybrid cars have 'catches' to their name. This is not to discount hybrid cars altogether. We will be discussing each one in brief here and hope that it will be able to help you make your choice if you're considering buying a hybrid car anytime soon.

Disadvantages of hybrid cars

1) Expensive Price

Hybrid vehicles generally cost more than regular cars because not too many of them are in the market yet. Much of this high price tag is attributed to the fact that hybrid cars come with a complicated battery pack and make use of an electric motor to operate. Maintenance tools for hybrid cars are also pretty rare, so expect to spend more on checkups and fix-its when the car bogs down. This can be addressed, however, over time, when more people begin to patronize hybrid cars and prompt manufacturers to make more units.

2) New and untested technology

Since hybrid cars' technology is fairly new, its performance is still untested. This means some of the problems that may be linked with them are still unforeseen. Thus, if a new glitch arises, it is likely that it will take a while for a solution to come up. However, this bit should not deter the buyer from purchasing a hybrid car, because, well, this is how regular vehicles started out in the first place. It is all a trial and error process.

3) Acceleration

Hybrid cars, though they boast of being able to perform as well as traditional vehicles, they are generally slower, making it difficult for drivers to keep pace with other cars especially on the freeway. This lack of accelerative power can be dangerous in certain situations. (However, other car owners can see this as an advantage, because it affords the user better control of his steering.)

4) High voltage

Another disadvantage of hybrid cars is the high voltage it requires to charge itself and get ready for operation. If the hybrid car gets into an accident, the high voltage wires could become open and exposed and could cause collateral harm. It could also cause short circuits.

5) Light weight

Because hybrid cars are lighter than regular vehicles, they are more prone to accidents especially during storms. Also, in the event of a collision with other cars, hybrid cars are disadvantaged because they are likely to spin out more easily than their heavier counterparts.

Reports have shown other disadvantages of hybrid cars, but, again, these should not stop anyone from patronizing the product because, well, everything has a catch. No product is perfect and it is good to know that manufacturers are in the constant search to making hybrid vehicles more user friendly and less accident prone.

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