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What you need to know about heart diseases
by: Mansi gupta
Heart is the most significant organ of the body. It controls and regulates the entire body. An individual can survive the loss of other organs of body but not of a heart. The moment heart ceases pumping blood to the body, it results in a heart stroke and there are chances that the person may die.

But people are often negligent in taking care of this undeniably crucial organ of their body. This is made evident by the studies that reveal the escalating deaths due to cardiac arrests every year. It is not just the elderly who are gripped by cardiac seizures due to their age, which implicates a declining health but also young children, and even infants who are inflicted by heart ailments.

The purpose of this article is to make its readers aware of some of the most common cardiac problems, few possible preventions and cures to them and the measures one should adopt to enjoy a healthy heart.

1. Heart diseases- human heart starts malfunctioning due to many reasons. In other words there are different diseases that affect human heart.

• Congenital Heart Disease is a very common one. It leads to malformation of heart during prenatal development and other severe complications. Chromosomal abnormalities, transfer of infected genes and environment are the main attributed causes to congenital heart disease.

• Coronary Artery Disease is one where heart simply stops pumping blood to the arteries. The blockages or difficulty in the blood flow to the main source of oxygen to the heart muscle i.e. coronary arteries is deemed to be the primary factor that results in this disease. Apart from this the thickening of the arteries called arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure and other problems like asthma, diabetes etc. are the causes of CAD. CAD produces a heart attack and so even the death of the concerned individual.

• A viral infection that attacks the pericardium pouch enveloping the heart is the ground for the Pericardial heart disorder.

2. The Roots of Heart Ailment- in most of the cases the individuals themselves are responsible for their cardiac troubles.

• Over stress is the biggest threat to a healthy life so much so that it affects even one’s heart.

• Faulty food habits i.e. eating more of junk and fattening food rich in cholesterol is the primary reason for a heart attack.

• Obesity and lack of physical labor also accentuates cardiac problems.

• Heart problems are also hereditary.

• Blood pressure patients are more prone to heart attacks.

• Alcoholics, smokers and drug addicts have acute possibilities of heart failure.

3. Some Common Cures- it is not likely to prevent every heart problem especially those malformations or diseases that are innate or since the time of birth. They can at best be treated with the aid of surgeries.

• Watch your eating and drinking habits. Avoid cholesterol abounding food like butter, cheese, creams, cakes and pastries etc.

• Aspirin is deemed to be a potential medicine to ward off cardiac snags. According to physicians aspirin thins the blood and aids in its transfer from heart to other parts of the body.

• Pregnant women are advised to keep away from hard drinks, cigarettes and narcotics. Negligence in this regard can be a source of incurable congenital heart disease to the baby.

• If you are a sedentary worker, make it a point to exercise daily in order to maintain a healthy living.

• Endeavor your best to have a nutritious and balanced diet.

• If you suffer from diabetes, blood pressure, asthma or any such disease, go for regular medical check ups to know about the functioning of the internal organs of your body.

• Last but not the least, avoid doing things that petrify you and do not favor your health. For instance if altitude or great height scares you, it is not a prudent choice to go for mountain climbing.

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