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Stop And Smell The Citrus
by: News Canada

Rejuvenation essential for busy Canadian moms

(NC)-Ask a typical Canadian mom if she works full-time and you know what she'll answer.

Moms have to be multi-taskers: they hold down demanding jobs, raise children, prepare meals, do the wash, manage the household budget, take care of the home and nurture relationships with their husband and extended family. Personal time is virtually non-existent; yet to keep up the pace, moms need a break more than ever before.

Studies show that working women are more likely to suffer from stress. According to Statistics Canada, in 1994/95, 27 per cent of all adult Canadian women were experiencing high life stress, compared with only 22 per cent of adult men.

Trying to maintain that balance of work, family and time pressures can take its toll on a woman. Often, they don't get enough sleep, which can interfere with the ability to function and retain information. And despite having a "full plate", many women fail to maintain a regular, nutritious diet. They're so busy feeding and looking after their families, they put their own nutritional needs on the back burner.

Proper eating habits determine energy levels and regulate the body's metabolism. That's why it's even more important for women to fuel up on healthy foods to keep them going through their long and busy days. For example, a diet rich in oranges, grapefruit or other citrus can help fight fatigue because Vitamin C aids with iron absorption. Citrus also supplies a wealth of carbohydrates, the major fuel source from the brain. And drinking plenty of water is extremely important for circulating nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Being dehydrated will make a person less energetic.

"Regular exercise, taking time to relax and making healthy food choices is the best way for a mom to keep her energy up and her stress levels down," says Dr. Liz Applegate, author, nutritionist and professor at the University of California at Davis. "And a daily dose of summer citrus such as Sunkist's oranges, grapefruits or lemons, will help mom take care of herself, so she can take good care of her family."

Since stress is a leading contributor to depression and anxiety, it is crucial for women to take time to rejuvenate.

Here are a few simple things mothers can do in the middle of a busy day to help them recharge: l>
  • Head outdoors - reach for the runners instead of the remote
  • Get together with an old buddy
  • De-stress with a mini aromatherapy break: simply peel an orange or lemon to release a wonderful, uplifting scent
  • Pamper yourself by visiting a spa for a massage and beauty treatment
  • Hunker down with a good book
  • Turn up the music, sing and dance (like no one is watching)
  • Try out a new recipe
  • Dig in the garden
  • Take a luxurious bath with relaxing bath oil, scented candles and your favourite music
  • Laugh out loud! It's one of the best energizers around.

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