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Understanding Your Domain Name

(Submited by: Stacy Clifford )

Buying domain names is a very common activity on the internet and a necessity for establishing an identity on the web. However, many people still don't understand what a domain is, how it is used and how to properly maintain it. This article is ... Read article

How to Register an Expiring Domain

(Submited by: Sidney Parfait )

Understanding the process and options involved with registering an expiring domain can be a confusing task. How, Where, When?This article will explain the basic steps to researching an expiring domain name, and the many different options ... Read article

42 Killer Domain Secrets Exposed!

(Submited by: Jim Symonds )

The Basic StuffEvery website needs a domain name. Example "" is a domain name. Your domain is your website address, a.k.a. URL (universal resource locator). Should you use your company name for your domain? Maybe, maybe not. ... Read article

Information Highwaymen and Your Domain

(Submited by: Lois S. )

You go to work every day at the store you own, and one morning, your key to the door doesn't work. You look in the window, and the display items have changed. A stranger is behind the counter. But when you call the police, they can't do anything ... Read article

Cheap and Easy Domain Name Registration

(Submited by: Pinyo Bhulipongsanon )

Just like any business, your identity is very important. On the World Wide Web, your domain name is your identity. Of course, you can opt for a subdomain name that comes with many free web hosting like But ... Read article

Domain Names and Longevity

(Submited by: Lois S. )

It begins as an idea -- a company name, a business venture, a personal project. You research available domain name options, choose the one you want, and finally register it. Or perhaps the perfect domain was in use before, and you register it ... Read article

How to Profit with Domain Name Speculation

(Submited by: Rex Ryan )

Domain Name speculation has become big business. According to recent study, the average domain name bought and sold by domain name speculators realized a 377% profit. In addition, the average domain name was sold in 12.5 months.Domain ... Read article

5 Tips For the Perfect Domain Name

(Submited by: Niall Roche )

What is a domain name? A domain name is the location of your website on the Internet. Your domain name will be what you become known by online so it's important to get it right.Each website on the Internet is labeled with something called ... Read article

How To Choose The Best Domain Name

(Submited by: Jeff Schuman )

In this article we are going to look at the thought process you should go thru to choose your domain name.First of all let's define what a domain name is.A unique name that represents each computer on the Internet. (Some machines do ... Read article

Protecting Your Domain Names

(Submited by: Dr. Peter Liu )

Domain Dispute is no longer news unless a Madonna or Julia Roberts type of celebrity gets involved. However, greater now than ever is the risk for domain registrants to lose their domain names when they get involved in a domain dispute. The risk ... Read article

Information on Domain Names

(Submited by: Priyanka Agarwal )

Its been two years since John started his online business. He is very much satisfied with his current web host whose services he acquired one year ago. Today John is relaxing in his chair and thinking about the initial days when he spent many ... Read article

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