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Jewelry from 3000 BC Egypt to the 21st Century

(Submited by: Sher Matsen )

EgyptThe use of gold jewelry can be dated back to Egypt 3000 BC. Gold was the preferred metal for jewelry making during ancient times. It was rare, it was easy to work with, and it never tarnished.Magnificent bracelets, ... Read article

Buying Quality Gold, Platinum, and Titanium Jewelry Online

(Submited by: Antigone Arthur )

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Quality Jewelry OnlineGold, platinum and titanium are among the most coveted precious metals in the world. Jewelry crafted out of these pure substances is often highly valued and sought out ... Read article

The Truths About Beaded, Costume, and Cubic Zirconia Jewelry!

(Submited by: Antigone Arthur )

Shopping for Inexpensive Yet Brilliant PiecesHistory of Beaded JewelryBeads have been used to create jewelry and adorn costumes since the dawn of time. If you were to look back on the Ice Age you would discover small ... Read article

Mens Jewelry: Its Not Just for Women Anymore

(Submited by: Antigone Arthur )

Find out what mens jewelry is in, what to buy for a loved one and more!People often associate the term "jewelry" with something a woman possesses and covets. Yet for centuries mens jewelry has been fashionable and popular among ... Read article

A Brief History in Religious Jewelry

(Submited by: Kaitlin Carruth )

Jewelry is a broad term that describes any ornamental adornment on the body. It includes toe rings to tiaras and everything in between. Jewelry has been used in every culture throughout history and in many different ways. While in our culture ... Read article

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