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Valuable Parenting Tip

(Submited by: K. Perry )

Very often, new parents rely on a parenting tip or two which is passed to them by their own folks, who are now grandparents and usually have plenty of reliable advice to share. If this sort of parenting tip and advice is not available however, ... Read article

Authoritarian Parenting, Permissive Parenting, or Loving Parenting

(Submited by: Margaret Paul, Ph.D. )

Angie was brought up by rigid, authoritarian parents who kept her on a tight leash. They rarely considered her feelings about anything, showing a complete lack of empathy and compassion for her feelings and desires. If she came home five minutes ... Read article

How Is Peaceful Parenting Different?

(Submited by: Nancy Buck )

Peaceful Parenting ideas are very different from other kinds of parenting practices that you have learned or read about. Certainly it is harder to practice Peaceful Parenting than to simply threaten or bribe your child into following your ... Read article

Guerilla Parenting Techniques: What Are They?

(Submited by: MaryLynne White )

When you hear the phrase, 'guerrilla parenting techniques', what images come to mind? I see a big, broad shouldered soldier, dressed in green fatigues, with brown paint on his face. His chest is crisscrossed with ammunition for the guns ... Read article

Parenting Confidence - Who Needs It?

(Submited by: Frank McGinty )

It used to strike me as odd - but really, it makes perfectsense.If you are a regular flier, or have flown recently, you'llknow what I mean. The 'plane is taxiing along for take offand the cabin crew are going through the pre-flight ... Read article

The Principles Of Attachment Parenting

(Submited by: Jennifer Houck )

You may or may not be familiar with the term "attachment parenting". You could instead say Instinctive Parenting, Continuum Parenting or Natural Parenting, but the same principles are involved no matter which name you choose. There are some ... Read article

When Parents Disagree

(Submited by: Patty Hone )

Moms and dads, are there times you think that parenting would be easier if you didn't have to make family decisions? Having a partner that is not in agreement with your parenting ideas or discipline approaches is more than just frustrating. It ... Read article

Parenting Problem? 5 Simple Things That Will Help

(Submited by: Derrick Pizur )

What is a parenting problem?Parenting is a tough job, we all know that. Parents face many situations that they are not familiar how to deal with. Is the childs fault? Of course not. We as a society are quick to place blame on the ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: 4 Dangerous Myths

(Submited by: Jeff Herring )

MYTH: All teens have to rebel, and the teen years will be miserable years for a family.REALITY: Teens do have to separate from their parents and families. That's good - otherwise kids would be living at home when they are 35.They do ... Read article

Parenting Your Teenager: How to Respond to Manipulation

(Submited by: Jeff Herring )

Q. My daughter has gotten very good at manipulating us, and sometimes we do not even know it has happened until much later. How can we tell if we are being manipulated, and how can we stop it, or at least handle it better?A. Here's the ... Read article

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