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The History of Yoga

(Submited by: Della Menechella )

The history of yoga is long and steeped in tradition. Contrary to what some people may believe, yoga was not developed as the newest way to slim down so they could fit into a smaller pants size.The history of yoga goes back 5,000 years. ... Read article

Yoga Accessories Getting What You Really Need

(Submited by: Della Menechella )

Unlike some other sports, you dont need a lot of yoga accessories when you practice. With yoga, your body is really the most important equipment that you need. There are some items that are basic and which can help you be more comfortable and ... Read article

Yoga Mats Are They All Created Equal?

(Submited by: Della Menechella )

Yoga mats are a basic part of every practice. What you might not realize is that there are several types of yoga mats that you can choose from.Sticky Mats These yoga mats offer a covering for your practice area, as well as some ... Read article

Secrets of Teaching Yoga

(Submited by: Paul Jerard )

What you are about to read applies to teaching, in general. In fact, we are all teachers, to some degree. You teach your friends, co-workers, strangers and family members on a daily basis.The example you set teaches someone in some way. ... Read article

Muscle Fitness Can Yoga Make You Stronger?

(Submited by: Della Menechella )

Many people wonder if yoga can improve their muscle fitness. They recognize that yoga can help reduce stress and increase flexibility, but when it comes to increasing muscle fitness, they think it might be a little too 'weak' to do the job. The ... Read article

Eight Amazing Benefits of Teaching Yoga

(Submited by: Paul Jerard )

Every challenging occupation yields some sort of satisfaction, but the fitness professionals industry had an amazing 85% job satisfaction rate according to an Idea Health & Fitness survey.Job SatisfactionIn the same survey, 98% of ... Read article

Yoga Position What Does Each Type Do?

(Submited by: Della Menechella )

I often wondered what the value of each type of yoga position is, so I did some research to find out. All yoga positions help to develop strength and flexibility. Yet the type of yoga position that you do also offers some very specific benefits ... Read article

Using Yoga to Manage ADD

(Submited by: Jennifer Koretsky )

Exercise is a powerful tool for ADD management. Medical professionals recommend that adults get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise (such as running or biking) 3-5 times per week to improve their general health. For ADDers, this type of ... Read article

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